Hi, I'm from Dortmund

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Hi, I'm from Dortmund

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Hello everybody, 

My name is Viktoria. I live in Dortmund. It would be nice to talk with someone whose English is good

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Re: Hi, I'm from Dortmund

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Hello, and welcome on board, Viktoria!  :freu:
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Re: Hi, I'm from Dortmund

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Hi there. I'd be happy to help you on this forum or in PMs, Skype, etc. if you'd rather just chat. 
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Re: Hi, I'm from Dortmund

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Hello, Viktoria!

Вы говорите по-русски? Я тоже! Ну, я только новичок, но учу. :wink:

I'm Schuyler, and I live in the USA. I would also be happy to help you practice English. We can communicate on this website or by e-mail, if you like. c:
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