will or going to

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will or going to

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Guten Abend,
als Englisch-Laie habe ich folgende Frage:
Heißt es richtig:
Peter is going to be 13 tomorrow?
Peter will be 13 tomorrow?

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Re: will or going to

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Those are synonymous, either works. 
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Re: will or going to

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Just to clarify: unfortunately it is a misconception that "will" and "going to" are synonyms. While the difference between the two is subtle, they can't always be used interchangeably. The structure "going to" is normally used to indicate the future but with some type of connection to the present. Where there is no implicit (or explicit) connection to the present, use "will".

Please have a look at our grammar pages to find out about the difference between "will" and "going to":

will-future vs. going to-future
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