Brauche Hilfe!!!!!!!!! Schreibe Arbeit!!!!!!!

Alles zu den englischen Zeiten im Aktiv und Passiv.
Questions on tenses (Active and Passive).
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Brauche Hilfe!!!!!!!!! Schreibe Arbeit!!!!!!!

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Kann bitte jemand drüber gucken, ob ich die richtige Zeitform eingesetzt habe, würde mich sehr freuen!!!!! Ich übe für die Englischarbeit!!!!!!!! :read:

Most of Blue Sky´s customers are young and successful people who work 60-hour weeks and earn very good money. These people don´t normally have much leisure time, and they spend their working week in offices. They like to make up for this during their vacations, when they are going on exotic adveture holidays to far-off places. There they aren´t only enjoying a comlete change of scene, but they are also getting some physical exercise. At the moment, business is slowing down because of a shortage of qualified staff. Some economists think that this is becoming the most serious problem in Britain. The government is now trieingto attract foreign workers to Britain. They are even offering free English courses and cheap accommodation to people who accept this offer. Currently, nearly 60,000 French people are working in London, for example, and the number of EU citizens who are moving there rise fast. Normally, British people welcome these newcomers. They help the British economy, while they are also adding to London´s flair.

Vielen Dank :danke: