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Audio vocabulary

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Hey guys,
I am a business administration student who wants to increase his vocabulary skills for a semester abroad. Unfortunately I am very busy with my studies so I do not have time to practice for one hour with a computer program every day so I am looking for ways to include such exercises into my daily schedule.
Apart from watching all movies in English I also wanted to listen to audio vocabulary lists during my time at the gym. Therefore I was wondering whether you guys have any recommendation for good audio MP3 files which can be downloaded on a smartphone and contain advanced vocabulary either with a German translation or with an English description. If the audio file would first describe the vocabulary / say it in German and give me than some minutes to think about the right English word it would be a perfect solution for me.

I also do not mind if it costs a view bucks as long the price is reasonable and the file/s are very useful.

Thank you in advance for your support!