Any bloggers here?

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Lisa Stiefel
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Any bloggers here?

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Hey there folks,

I'm just wondering if there are any bloggers here in this forum? I'd love to connect with people blogging about English language learning, teaching, culture, etc. I'd be interested to read what you're blogging about!

Even if this post gets to be very old, I'd still like to hear from you :)

Please let me know what you blog about and where I can read it (link!)

Thanks very much!
Lisa Stiefel
English Language Teacher

Kin Ching
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Re: Any bloggers here?

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Hi Lisa Stiefel,
 i am a blogger and I post things on wordpress  :D You can try to blog too.

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Re: Any bloggers here?

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I am sorry, but Lisa has not been on the forum since 2015. You might not get a reply from her, Kin Ching.

Best regards
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