A wolf, who is not wicked =)

Write something about yourself (who you are and where you come from).
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A wolf, who is not wicked =)

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Hello =)

I'm from Berlin, germany, and I'm not so good in English at the moment.
I'm working in a customer service in a big company, but I get a new job, where I will fly to New York City regular. Last summer I started with learning English, because I could only a few words English ^.^' I go to school in the evening, where I can learn English and take two remedial courses for English: Grammar and discuss/conversation. I'm glad, that I'm good in the English lessons =)
I like books and read books for learning English. I like it to write stories and poems, too.
In this year, I'll move from Berlin to southern germany.

(If you find mistakes, you can correct it :rolly: )

Best greetings from crazy Berlin
The world is crazy - I am crazier =)
If you find a mistake, you can keep it.Or you can correct it ;D