Past continues and simple past

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Past continues and simple past

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Hi everyone

yesterday i had to do an english assessment for a school. There was a task where i didn't know which tense i have to use.

the phrase was:

when i was in Germany i ... ( see ) marc very often because we ... ( work ) in the same building.

I think it's the past simple, but it confuses me because we talk about actions which happened in a period of time in the past, so thats why i think it could be the past continues as well.

What do you think?
Sorry for the mistakes ;)


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Re: Past continues and simple past

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Sorry for the mistakes ;)
It's not funny to ask us for help when you do not take the time
to at least try to use correct spelling in your post.

Therefore, I'll only answer your question and not fix your post.

When I was in Germany I saw Marc very often,
because we were working in the same building.

See also supplied without liability.
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