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Hilfe :)

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Hi, :)

Ist dieser Satz richtig übersetzt: In Italy, 60.6 million people live, they live on an area of ​​300,000 km ² and speak Italian. Payment is made in Italy with euros because italy is in the European Union.

Deutsch: In Italien leben 60.600.000 Leute, diese leben auf einer Fläche von 300.000 km² und sprechen Italienisch. Bezahlt wird in Italien mit Euro, da italien in der Europäischen Union ist.

MfG :)

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Re: Hilfe :)

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In Italy, 60 million people live within an area of 300,000 square kilometres and they speak Italian. The curreny is the Euro due to Italy being part of the EU.

There are various ways to phrase the above, but your suggested preposition of "on 300,000 km2" cannot be used in this context.

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Re: Hilfe :)

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Just a typo: currency
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