A short story

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A short story

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Hello everyone

I have wrote my first short English story today.
It's done now.

I would like to show it to you and maybe, if you would like, you can correct it and say your own opinion to my first English story.
That would be very nice :freu:

Here it is:

The Nightmare Moon

It was a dark and clearly summer night. The stars shined bright at the open black sky. Lilie the daughter of the fifth king of „The peacful Summer Forest“ was sitting at the bench in the summer garden where she always sat when she had to think about everything in her mind. But tonight she was crying while she sat there. It was a quiet crying and no one besides the little creatures in the garden could hear her desperation. But why did she cry?
Lilie had already sat there when a dark creature appeared in the shadows suddenly. It was a creature of the darkness. It has a very scary face with acure teeth and a big red tongue haning out of its mouth. Slimy green saliva was dropping on the dark ground.
Is your mission complete, Ann?“
The girl named an Ann diddn't look up.
The creature raced its hand out and touched her on the forehead. It wiped a drope from her skin and tasted with his big tonuge.
„His blood“, it said and a big selfish smile seemed to appear on its face. Ann looked up in its big dark eyes.

I.. I did it like you have told me to do..“
A scary laughter appeared by the green creature.
So you did it. You are so brave to wash your hands in blood..“
It said familiar and kissed the girl on the forehead.
But the girl hit it away. The creature landed on the ground while Ann jumped up. Her face was getting darker and her hands clenched to fists. „Why have you told me to do that?“, she screamed , „Its.. He was my own father. I had loved him by all of my heart!“
But he has killed your own true love“, he appeared behind her suddenly and whispered in her ear; „Don't forget you loved Prince...“
He diddn't kill him“, the girl turned to it her face was wet from tears.
He-diddn't-kill-him!“, she screamed and droped down on her knies. A loud sob was comming out of her mouth.
He diddn't“, she whispered , „He can't..“
The creature sat down next to her.
So he could, not wih his own hands but he have ordered a knight to exported his command.“
Ann put her hands over her ears: „Stop talking, I don't want to hear this. STOP, immediatally!“
She was crying so hard that she could might have been heard over the whole garden complex.
But know one was interested in a little girl crying in the garden. No one has ever been interested in the little princess. „No one“, that what Cratos had told her.
Cratos however was putting a hand on her shoulder.
My Dear, you know how much I do love you!“, he said in a soft voice, „And you have done this for you and for me; for our love... You know I love you so much, more than anything else in this horrible world, more than me.. You know I can't come back again...“
But you are dead!“, she screamed and closed her eyes,
Don't let me alone..“
Do it!“, his warm voice touched her ear. Her nackles raised high and her pulse got out of her control. Cratos had gone. Now she was alone, just her and the eerie garden with his dark secrets.
Now, you have one more..“, she said and smiled softly.
She closed her eyes.
I want to be free“, she whispered and a tear was running over her cheeks.
The moon brightness shone over her body. It was time to follow him, it was time to let all this behind her.
Ann put the knife next to her and closed the eyes.
I'm coming my love“, was all she said when she had gone to him forever.
The moon was shining over the palace's garden. It was silent. Just the midnight noise could be heard.
Everything, every place looked peacefully and lucky.
The moon had done his mission to bring peace in the night. Everything was quiet asleep.