is anyone interested in japanese music here?

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is anyone interested in japanese music here?

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Hallo everyone!

I'm a new member and like everyone else, I want to pratise my English of couse!

So I want to ask you if anyone is interested or likes the japansese kinds of music?

for example japanese rock?

I have become interested in the japanese culture when I was sixteen and now I'm nineteen years old.

All have started with and Manga of course. I realy love the Manga 'Cheeky Vampire' and other thing. The Openings got me interested in japanese musik and now I listen to a lot of different artist.

I realy love D. I was on a conzert last weekend. It was so amazing. I realy love Asagis voise and the band matched so perfect togehter!

Does anyone know D?

I also tried to learn Japanese, but it's very hard and I have to stop in learning japanese because of my school.

Now I have to learn French and it is also very difficult, too.

I also listen to thai rock and korean Pop but of course english rock music, too.

I realy love music and it's one of the important things of life for me.

I hope I'm not the only one who's interested in such kind of music!

keep on doing!