Greetings from the US

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eac swa
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Greetings from the US

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Been awhile since I've been on a board like this...

Anyway, hello from the US! I've been learning German for around 9 years or so. Started in college, where it was my major. (Incidentally, English Writing was my minor.)
I spent a few months in Heidelberg in 2006. It was a nice city but Germans there were belligerent about speaking only in English to foreigners, so I just read a lot of books while there.
Anyway, I think my reading, writing and listening skills for German are all pretty okay, I guess, but I'm pretty bad at speaking the language, which is a shame, but pretty inevitable.

Ironically, I've signed up here to practice my German and prevent it from getting worse, so if I make horrible mistakes in my other posts then I welcome whatever corrections any of you see fit to make. Thanks! Hopefully I can be of help to English learners in return.
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Re: Greetings from the US

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Welcome aboard, eac swa!!! :freu:

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Re: Greetings from the US

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Hey eac swa,

how is the weather in the USA? Here in Germany it is very cold (-20°C) and it snows.