Guys,i´d appreciate it if you could correct the following ex

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Guys,i´d appreciate it if you could correct the following ex

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Miss Lin Chang, Personnel Officer at Hai Wai Bank, Hong Kong asks you whether you’ve written a memo about the new smoking policy yet. You reply, ‘Actually, I haven’t done it yet, but several members of staff have asked me about it!

‘It is essential that we make it clear to staff where they can and cannot smoke. We need to be strict and we must ensure that everyone obeys the rules,’ declared Miss Chang. I would like to have the memo by tomorrow morning and I’d like to check it before you
send it.

You return to your office and make the following notes:

In all offices – No smoking
Restaurant –‘smoking’ and ‘No smoking’ areas
Outside main building – smoking allowed - NOT near reception
Company vehicles – No smoking
Café –smoking - zone B only
Toilets – no smoking
24-28 October 2005 – in-company ‘no smoking’ week…free samples – to stop smoking…. Visit by member of ‘Break the Habit’ counselling group….competition for employees’ children – create a ‘Break the Habit’ poster…prizes – bicycle, inline skates, kites, football, tennis racquet
Write Memo.

To: All members of Staff
From: Mrs Lil Chang, Personnel Officer
Subject: New smoking policy
Date: 20.09.2005

Please note that our smoking areas are in the “smoking” area in the restaurant, outside the main building, but not near the reception and in the Café, in the Zone B. Other areas are not allowed to use.

Ensure that the no-smoking signs are in place and adhered to.

I would also like to invite you to the in-company “no-smoking week” that will take place on the 24-28 November and will be visited by the member of “Break the Habit” counseling group. The competition for employees ‘children who will receive prizes like bicycle, inline skates, kites, football and tennis racquet for the best “Break the Habit” poster will also take place.