Write something about yourself (who you are and where you come from).
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i'm Naf or Naffy. My real name's Fee (REALLY! Official!). Well, i actually have three forenames, but that's my chosen one. After ending school, i'm now at a school for adults where i make my A-level (Abitur, richtig?). I try it ;) I have to say that my english isn't good, because of many problems in my past. Often i know what i wanna say, but i can't convert it. After all i read here, i'm really frightened.

I'm 24 years old and live in good old Germany (Minden). I love books and i began to read the bestseller (as it's declared on the Cover) "The Zombie survival guide"). Well, it's not the easiest, but my english teacher told me, i should read anything i like in english. It would help me to learn vocabulary and how i can use the words. Well, i love zombies (Werden hier Zombies als Gruppierung und eigenständigen Namen groß geschrieben, wie es bei Ländern und Marken der Fall ist?) ... they're fascinating!

I want to improve my english and maybe, when i've got enough money, i'll make a trip to england. I'm interested in scotland and his lochs. Ew... now i've got the first problem. I want to express: Es ist eine Welt für sich. (It's a world on its own?)

My hobbies range from books, music and german language to walk, talk and fitness. I hope to get help, when it's needed and also a few friends (Ich weiß nicht inwieweit Unterschiede zwischen Freunde und Bekannte gemacht wird, da dies jeder selbst einschätzen muss.).

Regards :D
Naffy / Naf / Fee
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Re: Naffy

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Hi Naffy,

> after ending school
After finishing school

> i make my A-level
I am doing my A-levels
Note (1) capital I, (2) verb 'do', (3) am doing, rather than simply I do, because it's an activity in progress right now (4) plural, assuming there are several exams for different subjects, if only ine exam then it would be weird if you don't say the subject

A-levels are exams taken at age 17/18 in England and Wales. (Called 'Highers' in Scotland). I have no idea about the equivalent in the USA. Americans don't understand the term.

>I try it
I try, but I have to say...

Be careful about using wanna in writing. This is a dialectal, colloquial contraction, and looks odd if seen in writing unless you re depicting colloquial speech in a story say, or writing song lyrics, for example. Unless you have a reason to use wanna/gonna etc in writing for these reasons, don't do it.

> i began to read
I have started reading / I have begun reading
Or simply: I am reading
All the above assume you are still reading it and have not finished yet

> as it's declared on the Cover
Lower case c on cover
as it says on the cover
as it claims on the cover

> not the easiest
Needs a noun after 'easiest' here (because no specific group of books is in question here)
So something like 'the easiest book/text' or better 'the easiest read' (compare fixed expression 'it's a good read' meaning a book that gives an enjoyable reading experience)

No comma after 'told me'.

The word zombies is in lower case.

Best, cecil

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Re: Naffy

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Hallo Naffy,

I'm new to this board and here in Germany. I'm currently living in the Southern Part of Deutschland. I'm hoping to find a friend whom I could talk to in English or Deutsch (If my Deutsch is good enough to handle a conversation).

My English is not good that's why I've decided to look for a friend to chat and practice my Language. Perhaps we could talk sometime when you have free time to practice, If your interested.

I'm 23 years old so I guess we could tacle some interesting topic's while learning.