Hi from Moscow, Russia

Write something about yourself (who you are and where you come from).
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Hi from Moscow, Russia

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Dear All!
I would like to introduсe myself :roll:
My name is Nataly, I'm from Moscow, I'm 29 and I wont, no..I must to speak English very well!!!:D
I try to learn it about 3 years but it's difficult for me because I have not a practice, only when I go abroad.
I hope to find friends here on the interest and to have a conversation with people and learning English together!

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Re: Hi from Moscow, Russia

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Добро пожаловать на форум!

Welcome to the forum. :D
Petra_Bedra hat geschrieben:Dear All!
I would like to introduсe myself :roll:

My name is Nataly, I'm from Moscow, I'm 29 and I want to... No, I must learn to speak English very well! :D
I have been trying to learn it for about 3 years, but it's difficult for me.
I think, it is mainly because I don't have a partner to practice with. The only solution seems to be to go abroad.
I hope to find some friends here on the internet and to have conversations with other people. So we can learn English together!
You may be able to find a penpal here, but this is not the sole purpose...
The main focus of this forum is to support each other by providing a platform to ask questions
or to confirm solutions as our time allows. All contributing users are volunteers.
Most users are Germans or living in Germany. :)

So please do not hesitate to ask questions in English or in German,
but it may take some time for a correction to appear.

You can also use the free resources describing English grammar.
...is supplied without liability.
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