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Let's speak English here.
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oh oh Sandi, be careful :D
I guess I am writing in the wrong topic, because I am very interested in listening Black Music (RnB and HipHop) but I think that doesn´t matter now, right? If I am in the mood for it, I also like listen to The Red Hot Chili Peppers or other rock band but mostly slower music I like best.
This is my second entry in the forum, I wrote my first one in the topic: "Let´s practise English", there I visualised myself a little bit, look it up :mrgreen:
Ok that´s enough for today, a long working day abides me. bye

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@spidermonkey: don't worry .. I'm not a destroing type :lol: .. only a bit crazy but amiable :wink:

@Chris: I've read your text in the other topic and I've got the same problem like you, with one big difference ... My english isn't that good like yours, also the grammar, like the prepositions and order of the word causes me problems. I am at the ILS, international language school and my aim is, to pass the exam next year. It's hard work I think.

Nice greetings
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hehe, very interesting thread i think.

my favourite bands are:

- Rammstein (german one)
- Rage Against the Machine
- System of a Down
- Black Sabbath (old but very good !!)
- Judast Priest
- Disturbed
- AC / DC (got all 28 albums of them :freu: )

so u see that i like "new" and old bands .... but a good mix in my opinion!

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I am also a big rock and metal fan and so I am writing some sentences now.
My favourite bands are Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, Disturbed, System of a Down and Korn!
This music pushes the energy through your veins like a drug und takes a part of you! That is not describable.
Anyone of you who likes this music, too, knows what I mean!
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