Present Perfect oder Simple Past - Einsetzübung

Erläuterungen: Gegenüberstellung - Present Perfect - Simple Past

Setze die Verbindungen in den Klammern entweder im Simple Past oder im Present Perfect in die Lücken ein. In manche Lücken musst du auch das Subjekt mit einsetzen. Achte besonders auf die Wörter in den Klammern.

Beispiel auf- und zuklappen

1. The police two people early this morning. (to arrest)
2. She to Japan but now she back. (to go - to come)
3. Dan two tablets this year. (already/to buy)
4. How many games so far this season? (your team/to win)
5. the CN Tower when you in Toronto? (you/to visit - to stay)
6. your homework yet? – Yes, I it an hour ago. (you/to do - to finish)
7. There an accident in High Street, so we have to use King Street to get to your school. (to be)
8. I Peter since I last Tuesday. (not/to see - to arrive)
9. Frank his bike last May. So he it for 4 months. (to get - to have)
10. I'm sorry, I earlier, but I a lot lately. (not/to write - to work)


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