Past Perfect - Verneinungen - Übung

Erläuterungen: Past Perfect

Setze die in Klammern stehenden Verben so in die Lücken ein, dass der Satz im Past Perfect steht. Beachte die Verneinungen.

Beispiel auf- und zuklappen

1. The driver at the traffic lights, so the police car chased him. (not/to stop)
2. The budgie flew away because Jim the window. (not/to close)
3. When we came home, Frank the ceiling yet. (not/to paint)
4. Eric his friends, so he was alone on Saturday evening. (not/to invite)
5. I Olivia for three years before I met her in Spain. (not/to see)
6. He told me that he his brother the other day. (not/to speak)
7. Lisa the book, so she didn't understand the film. (not/to read)
8. The Smiths the new camera, so they could spend the money on new furniture. (not/to buy)
9. I didn't find my keys because I under the bed. (not/to look)
10. We enough, so we lost the match. (not/to practise)


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