if Sätze, Typ III, Aussagen - Übung 1

Erläuterungen: if-Sätze - Typ III

Setze die in Klammern stehenden Verbformen so in die Lücken ein, dass ein if-Satz - Typ III entsteht.

Beispiel auf- und zuklappen

1. If the weather (to be) nice, they (to play) football.
2. If we (to go) to a good restaurant, we (to have) a better dinner.
3. If John (to learn) more words, he (to write) a good report.
4. If the boys (to take) the bus to school, they (to arrive) on time.
5. If the teacher (to explain) the homework, I (to do) it.
6. If they (to wait) for another 10 minutes, they (to see) the pop star.
7. If the police (to come) earlier, they (to arrest) the burglar.
8. If you (to buy) fresh green vegetable, your salad (to taste) better.
9. If Alex (to ask) me, I (to email) the documents.
10. If he (to speak) more slowly, Peggy (to understand) him.


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