Typ I und II der if Sätze, Aussagen - Übung 1

Erläuterungen: if-Sätze

Setze die in Klammern stehenden Verbformen so in die Lücken ein, dass entweder ein if-Satz - Typ I oder Typ II entsteht. Die Verbform, die dir sagt, ob du Typ I oder Typ II einsetzen musst, ist hervorgehoben.

Beispiel auf- und zuklappen

1. If you come with me, I (to do) the shopping with you.
2. Walter (to help) his mother in the garden if she reads him a story this evening.
3. If it (to rain), I will stay at home.
4. Our teacher will be happy if we (to learn) the poem by heart.
5. If they had enough money, they (to buy) a new car.
6. We (to pass) the exam if we studied harder.
7. If Pat (to repair) his bike, he could go on a bicycle tour with us.
8. She would get 100 pounds if she (to sell) this old shelf.
9. If I was/were you, I (to invite) Jack to the party.
10. If the weather (to be) fine, the children can walk to school.


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