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I like football, but I don't like handball.
What other sports do you practise besides football?
I don't like coffee. - Neither do I.
I like football, especially when my team wins.
I was tired, so (that's why) I went to bed.
I like either tea or milk.
Of course I like volleyball.
Do you know if/whether Peter lives in Glasgow?
I like football although I'm often on the road.
In fact, I think that my team will win.
They're losing the match. Nevertheless we're watching it.
I go to discos in order to meet friends.
I like volleyball and tennis.
Perhaps you'll like football, too.
I like football because it's interesting.
Considering he's played football for only two years, he does it well.
I'll come to your party, unless it rains.
I don't know how to play Squash.
However the teacher explained it, I didn't understand a word of it.
First of all I'd like to say that, ...
I like sports, for example football.

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