Idioms - Useful phrases with as ... as ...

Here we've listed phrases with as ... as ...

as angry as hell
as bitter as gall
as black as hell
as blind as a bat
as bold as brass
as brave as a lion
as bright as a button
as busy as a bee
as calm as a millpond
as cheap as dirt
as clean as a whistle
as clear as day
as clear as mud
as close as the grave
as clumsy as an elephant
as cold as marble
as cold as steel/stone
as cool as a cucumber
as cunning as a fox
as dark as death
as dead as a dodo/doornail
as deaf as a post
as drunk as a lord
as dry as dust
as dull as ditchwater
as easy as anything/pie
as fast as a deer
as fat as a pig
as fit as a fiddle
as flat as a pancake
as fresh as a daisy
as gentle as a lamb
as good as gold
as good as new
as green as grass
as hard as nails
as harmless as a dove
as heavy as lead
as high as a kite
as hot as fire
as hungry as a wolf
as large as life
as light as a feather
as like as two peas

as mad as a hatter

as mean as a snake
as nutty as a fruitcake
as old as the hills
as pale as death
as poor as a church mouse
as poor as dirt
as pretty as a picture
as proud as a peacock
as quick as a flash
as regular as a clockwork
as right as rain
as safe as houses
as sick as a dog, parrot
as slim as a willow
as sober as a judge
as sound as a bell
as steady as a rock
as sure as hell
as thick as thieves
as thin as a stick
as tired as a dog
as tough as old boots
as ugly as sin
as warm as toast
as weak as water
as white as snow
as white as a ghost
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