The car - English

Fill-in Exercise - The car
Find the pairs - Parts of the car

Number english
0 rear window
backlight (AE)
1 number plate
license plate (AE)
2 boot (BE)
trunk (AE)
3 bumper
4 stop light
brake light (AE)
5 reversing
back-up light (AE)
6 front wheel; front tyre
front tire (AE)
7 (out) side mirror,
side-view mirror, outside rear-view mirror
8 door
9 door handle
10 side window
11 exhaust (pipe)

Number english
12 fog-light
13 headlight
14 windscreen
windshield (AE)
15 rear-view mirror
16 bonnet (BE)
hood (AE)
17 indicator
turn signal (AE)
blinker (informal)

Photos with permission of Audi AG
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