Asking the way - Vocabulary

Useful phrases

Picture English sentence

Go straight on Elm Street.
Go along Elm Street.
Go down Elm Street.
Follow Elm Street for 200 metres.
Follow Elm Street until you get to the church.
Turn left into Oxford Street.
Turn right into Oxford Street.
Take the first turning on the right.
Go past the pet shop.
Go along the river.
Go over the bridge.
Go through the park.
Go towards the church.
Go up the hill.
Go down the hill.
Cross Oxford Street.
The bookshop is opposite the church.

The bookshop is between the church and the pet shop.

The bookshop is on/at the corner.
The bookshop is in front of the church.
The bookshop is behind the church.
The bookshop is next to the church.
The bookshop is beside the church.
The bookshop is near the church.

Useful words:

car park
parking lot (AE)
traffic lights
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