Creative Writing - Topics

There are a lot of topics to write about. We've listed some down here.

Me and others
Let me introduce myself...
My sister/brother
My father's/mother's job
My best friend
People I like
Problems of young people
What I think about fashion
My strangest dream
Who can be a hero?
Would you do any voluntary activity?
My world
My home town
Which do you prefer - city life or country life?
Holidays at home or abroad?
I'm happy when...
If I had a million dollars...
Living as a teenager in my country
Hobbies and leisure
Cost of Cds/DVDs
My hobbies and interests
My favourite pop group
My favourite sport
An interesting weekend
An interesting film/book
My last holidays in...
Plans for my next holidays
I have a dangerous hobby
Education and work
Applying for a job
Give arguments for or against teenage working
My dream job
My dream school
My favourite subject
School uniforms
Schools in the USA/Britain and Germany
Healthy life
What's my day like?
What I like to eat...
At the doctor's
Try to convince your friend to stop smoking/drinking/taking drugs
My attitude towards sport
My favourite sports
I like fast food
I'm a vegetarian
Me as a consumer
I like/don't like shopping
Pocket money - how much do you get - how much do you need?
Do you save money?
Life on earth
My pet
How can you save the environment?
Endangered animals
Skiing and the environment
Why I like animals
Media and Arts
Do you like reading?
Which do you prefer - reading a book or watching the film?
I like my mobile phone
I like watching TV.
I like playing on the computer.
There's too much violence on TV
Success changes people - what do you think?
The world of English
Life in Britain/the USA/Australia/Northern Ireland (or another English speaking country)
Why should people speak English?
Past, Present and Future
A day without electricity
My future wife/husband
How do you see yourself in 10 years?
Christmas - an old tradition that should be kept or big business for the industry

Thanks to Bernhard, Johann and Meryl

Learning English
Holidays in England
Changing of the Guard
Golden Gate
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