Singular nouns in English

Singular and plural
Plural nouns in English
Singular nouns in English
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In English there are nouns which are used only in the singular.

noun sentence
furniture She bought new furniture last week.
fruit Would you like some fruit?
hair* Your hair looks lovely.

* see countable and uncountable nouns

more nouns: luggage, jewellry

noun sentence
news Good evening. Here is the news.
physics Physics is our first lesson on Monday morning.
progress Progress was made in developing new technologies.
The United States The United States is a country with 50 federal states.

more nouns: athletics, billards, crossroads, darts, economics, gymnastics, maths, mumps, politics, series

noun sentence
homework My Maths homework was not easy.

For further information on the hotel, phone us at ....

knowledge His knowledge of English is excellent.

more nouns: advice, damage, work

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