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We use the Gerund after the following verbs:
He admitted having driven too fast.
avoid They avoid going on holiday on Saturdays.
carry on If we carry on sleeping so badly, we may need help.
consider Ralph is considering buying a new house.
delay I delayed telling Max the news.
deny She denies reading the book.
dislike We dislike reading poems.
can't help He couldn't help falling in love with her.
enjoy I enjoy playing chess.
finish They finished working in the garden.
give up Susan gives up playing ice-hockey.
imagine He imagined driving a new car.
include Your responsibility includes taking reservations on the phone.
involve The project will involve growing plants.
justify I cannot justify paying $100 for this ticket.
keep (on) They keep on running.
mention Did Alex ever mention playing baseball?
mind I don't mind sleeping on the couch.
miss They miss playing with their friends.
practise She practised playing hockey.
regret* Do you regret having mentioned it?
risk You risk catching a cold.
suggest She suggested flying to Cairo.

* After regret the to-infinitive is used when announcing bad news:
We regret to inform you that the flight to Munich has been cancelled.

Ulrike Schroedter contributed to the list.

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