Gerund after prepositions (adjectives)

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We use the Gerund after prepositions.

adjective + preposition

We use the Gerund after the following phrases:
afraid of They are afraid of losing the match.
angry about/at Pat is angry about walking in the rain.
bad at
good at
John is good at working in the garden.
clever at He is clever at skateboarding.
crazy about The girl is crazy about playing tennis.
disappointed about/at He is disappointed about seeing such a bad report.
excited about We are excited about making our own film.
famous for Sandy is famous for singing songs.
fed up with I'm fed up with being treated as a child.
fond of Hannah is fond of going to parties.
glad about She is glad about getting married again.
happy about/at The children are not happy about seeing a doctor.
interested in Are you interested in writing poems?
keen on Joe is keen on drawing.
proud of She is proud of riding a snowboard.
sick of We're sick of sitting around like this.
sorry about/for He's sorry for eating in the lesson.
tired of I'm tired of waiting for you.
used to She is used to smoking.
worried about I'm worried about making mistakes.

Thanks to Josef and Ulrike.

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