Present Progressive - Negations - Long forms - Exercise 2

Explanation: Present Progressive

Put in the verb in brackets into the gap and form negative sentences in Present Progressive.

Use long forms of the auxiliaries only.

Toggle example

1) Anne and Ron in a helicopter. (not/to fly)
2) Olivia her eyes. (not/to close)
3) They through the park. (not/to jog)
4) The girls fun at Tom's party. (not/to have)
5) He in the sea. (not/to swim)
6) I to the cinema. (not/to run)
7) We a bird house. (not/to make)
8) Look! Christine . (not/to smile)
9) She the books to the library. (not/to take)
10) You in front of the computer. (not/to sit)


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