Present Progressive – Negations – Long forms – Exercise 2


Put in the verb in brackets into the gap and form negative sentences in Present Progressive.

Use long forms of the auxiliaries only.

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Tim   computer games. (not/to play)


Tim is not playing computer games.

  1. Anne and Ron in a helicopter. (not/to fly)
  2. Olivia her eyes. (not/to close)
  3. They through the park. (not/to jog)
  4. The girls fun at Tom's party. (not/to have)
  5. He in the sea. (not/to swim)
  6. I to the cinema. (not/to run)
  7. We a bird house. (not/to make)
  8. Look! Christine . (not/to smile)
  9. She the books to the library. (not/to take)
  10. You in front of the computer. (not/to sit)