Sentences, Questions in the Present Perfect Progressive - Exercise 2

Explanation: Present Perfect Progressive

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use Present Perfect Progressive/Continuous. Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions. Do not forget to put in the subjects in the questions.

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1) Max this comic book. (not/to read)
2) How long French? (they/to learn)
3) I for two months now. (not/to drive)
4) the whole morning? (she/to walk)
5) Who in the garden? (to dig)
6) It much in this area. (not/to rain)
7) How long this earring? (you/to wear)
8) Marie in her diary. (not/to write)
9) matchstick figures the whole lesson? (he/to draw)
10) What ? (we/to do)


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